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Cave Shepherd and Insurance Corporation of Barbados (ICBL) Strategic Partnership

Comments by: Alison Browne-Ellis, Director, Card Services (Cave Shepherd & C0. Limited)

Cave Shepherd & Co. Limited through its Card Services Unit continues to execute its strategy of building value enhancement to our Cave Shepherd Card product.  This is being undertaken by forging strong successful merchant partnerships across a variety of business sectors.

Today, Cave Shepherd Card Services is extremely pleased to announce its newest merchant partner, Insurance Corporation of Barbados Limited (ICBL).  For over 30 years ICBL has been a strong institution in the Barbados insurance industry, offering customers excellent products and reliable customer care, as proudly reinforced in their slogan.  Similarly, the Cave Shepherd Card has evolved over its life span of 35 years into the highly regarded product it is today, widely enforced across the Barbados community.  Our companies hold the same shared values of maintaining a strong customer focus, and being receptive to the changing customer needs and demands, which has been one of the keys to our success.  We proudly continue to serve many of our loyal customers who have been with us at each stage of development of the Cave Shepherd Card.

This partnership will definitely open new opportunities for our Cardholders to access insurance services across many product types.  The ICBL and Cave Shepherd Team have worked hard to develop attractive packages with exciting offers, which we anticipate will be well received by our Cardholders.  We are pleased to be able to offer our Cardholders discount rates starting at 12.5% off a single product and 15% on bundled products.  Additionally, we have built in an easy eight (8) month payment plan, which will assist our Cardholders with their financial planning , giving them the flexibility and comfort to meet their insurance commitments during these challenging times.

Outside of the Cave Shepherd Retail Group of Companies, the Cave Shepherd Card is now accepted at Carter’s General Stores, Digicel, Automotive Art, The Barbados Reference Laboratory, Trimart Supermarkets, KFC Restaurants, SOL Barbados, Going Places Travel and now ICBL; truly an impressive suite of merchant partners.

We are looking forward to a long and exciting partnership with ICBL as we strive to meet and exceed our Cardholders expectations each step of the way.  Special thanks to the entire project team across all companies that worked tirelessly to deliver this new partnership.

Thank you.

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