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Foreign Exchange Allowance which is now associated with the new Cave Shepherd Visa Credit Card

Cave Shepherd Visa Credit Card Foreign Exchange Allowance

Cave Shepherd Visa Credit Cards carry a foreign exchange allowance of US$3, 750 as stipulated by the Central Bank of Barbados.  This allowance is affected by your total currency transactions completed outside of Barbados or at online merchants.

 The foreign exchange allowance is linked directly to your unique credit limit and reduces based on total foreign spend completed through the year.

 In any circumstance where your foreign exchange allowance is exhausted, a request must be submitted to the Card Center, along with supporting documentation in order to receive an extension of your fixed limit.


Account Management Quick Tips

Here are a few quick tips to guide you to ensure you make the most out of your Cave Shepherd Visa Credit Card.

  • Sign the back of your NEW Card immediately!
  • Treat your Card as though it was Cash and protect it from other; never leave it lying around.
  • Never share you Card details with unauthorized users and never respond to unsolicited emails, asking you for your Card details.
  • Keep track of your spending to ensure that you don’t exceed your Card details.
  • Commit your PIN to memory and discard all letters containing this valuable information. Be aware of others around you when using the ABM.
  • Limit your Cash Advance withdrawals to emergency cases only as this feature carries additional fees that will be applied to your account.
  • When shopping online, only use reputable merchants and provide your card details on secure websites (e.g. look out for URLs that start with “https” instead of “http” only).
  • Always check your Statements to determine your Minimum Payment and the Payment Due Date. Do remember to pay on time each month.

Applying for a Cave Shepherd Visa Credit Card

  1. Where can I apply for the Cave Shepherd Visa Credit Card?
    Interested persons can apply for their Cave Shepherd Visa Credit Card either by:

    • Visiting the Card Services Department on the 2nd Floor, Cave Shepherd, Broad St., Bridgetown location; or

    • Logging onto and completing the online application.

  2. What information do I need to provide along with my completed application for the Cave Shepherd Visa Credit Card?
    All persons applying for a Cave Shepherd Visa Credit Card will need to provide the following documentation along with their application:

    • Job Letter and two recent pay slips

    • Valid Barbados ID

    • Proof of address – current utility bill or bank statement

    • $50.00 processing fee.

    Please note that all new applicants must be employed for a period of six (6) consecutive months.

  1. How long does the process take to obtain my new Cave Shepherd Visa Credit Card?
    Once approved, your new Cave Shepherd Visa Credit Card is issued same day for those persons applying in person at any of our Card offices. Cards for our online applicants will be made available within a 48 hour period of submission within set business days. Kindly note that these timelines are dependent on the submission of all required documentation by the applicant.

  1. What benefits are available with the Cave Shepherd Visa Credit Card?
    With the Cave Shepherd Visa Credit Card in your hands, you are free to make purchases locally and worldwide wherever VISA is accepted. Additionally, your Card affords you Built in Chip Card Security, 24 Hour Customer Service, Transaction SMS & Email Alerts, Creditor Life Insurance, Free CS Online, Travel Accident Insurance* & Auto Rental Insurance.*

    *only applicable to the Cave Shepherd Visa Gold Credit Card.

  1. Can I add an additional Cardholder to my Cave Shepherd Visa Credit Card?
    Yes, as an existing Cardholder you can authorize additional Cardholders to be added to your account. Simply complete the Additional Cardholder Section of the Application Form and have your Additional Cardholder(s) provide valid identification and proof of address.

  1. How many additional Cardholders can I add to my Cave Shepherd Visa Credit Card?
    Existing Cave Shepherd Visa Credit Cardholders can add up to ten (10) additional Cardholders.  Please bear in mind that you will all share the same credit limit.

  1. How can I obtain a Credit Limit Increase on my Cave Shepherd Visa Credit Card Account?
    The simplest way to apply for a credit limit increase is online. Simply click, complete and submit the online form found here -
    Credit Limit Increase Form
    Alternatively, Cardholders can visit the Card Services Department on the 2nd Floor, Cave Shepherd, Broad Street, Bridgetown location.

Card Payment Locations

Where can I make payments to my Cave Shepherd Visa Credit Card?
Payments can be made at any of the below locations and online channels:

  • Cave Shepherd Broad Street

  • Cave Shepherd Vista

  • Cave Shepherd West Coast Mall

  • Cave Shepherd Sunset Crest Mall

  • Cave Shepherd Sheraton Mall

  • Pages Bookstore Warrens

  • CIBC FirstCaribbean Online Service

  • Scotiabank Barbados Online Service

  • RBC Royal Bank Online Service

General Service Queries

  1. How can I make queries on my Cave Shepherd Visa Credit Card?
    You can reach our Customer Service team at 629-4444 or via The Team is available 24 hours a day, with our afterhours support provided by our trusted and reliable Card Processor – Caribbean Credit Card Corporation. Kindly have your Card in hand when calling.

  2. What is the current Service Charge Rate for the Cave Shepherd Visa Credit Card?
    The current service charge rate is 1.83% per month on the account reducing balance; however, all purchases for the current month are interest free.  Please remember, the more you pay towards your balance, the less interest you pay.

  3. When are my monthly payments due?
    Payments are due 30 days after the Closing Date on each monthly statement date.

  4. How do I dispute a charge appearing on my Cave Shepherd Card statement?
    If you suspect that your Cave Shepherd Card is being used without your knowledge or consent, please call our Customer Service team at (246) 629-4444 and a Representative will be happy to assist you.

  5. How can I request a copy of my statement summary?
    Simply contact the Customer Service department to make your request. The team will be happy to provide you with a summary of your account, which attracts a small fee.

  6. What is Chip Card Security?
    To ensure that your new Cave Shepherd Visa Credit Card offered the greatest protection against fraud, our Card product was developed with a special embedded Chip to offer added security at the Point of Sale. Every Card transaction made generates a new code which is sent with your transaction details, preventing the data on your Card from theft.

  7. What do I need to know about using my Cave Shepherd Visa Credit Card at the ABM?
    The PIN you will receive in the mail will allow you to access Cash via Automated Banking Machines (ABMs) globally once the VISA logo is displayed.  Remember, you won’t have full access to your Credit Limit via the ABM as this service is deemed for emergencies, allowing the Cardholder the opportunity to only withdraw BBD$250 per day and no more than BBD$500 per week.  Also, kindly note that this Cash Advance Service carries additional feels levied by the Banking Institution that may be applied directly to your Cave Shepherd Visa Credit Card Account.

Card Inquiry Online Service

  1. What are the benefits of registering for CS Online?
    The Card Inquiry Online Service offers 24 hour access to your account information where you can:

    • Check your account balance

    • View your past transactions and any pending transactions

    • Print on-line statements

    • View account activity over the last three (3) months

  2. How do I register for CS Online?
    The process is easy! Simply visit our Cave Shepherd Broad Street or Vista location and complete the necessary registration form.

  3. Is the Cave Shepherd website secure?
    Cave Shepherd has ensured that the Card Inquiry Online Service is fully secured. 

  4. What happens if I register for CS Online and no longer require the service; can I cancel access to this service?
    Of course you can.  We encourage our Cardholders to use our convenient and secure service; however, if you wish to cancel your service, please inform our Customer Service Department in writing so that we can deactivate your registration.

Additional Documentation

Creditor Life Insurance

  1. Who is eligible to apply for Creditor Life Insurance?
    All Cave Shepherd Cardholders between the age of 18 and 65 are eligible to apply.

  2. How do I apply for Creditor Life Insurance?
    All new Cave Shepherd Visa Credit Card applicants are automatically registered for the program.

  3. How much does Creditor Life Insurance cost?
    The premium rate is .25ȼ per $100 per month of the outstanding loan balance at the end of the prior month for a single Cardholder. For example, if your account balance at the end of July is $1,550, a total premium of $3.88 will be charged to your Cave Shepherd Card account during the month of August.

  4. What are my benefits for having Creditor Life Insurance?
    The outstanding balance on your Cave Shepherd Card will be repaid if you become disabled due to Short Term or Long Term illness or in the event of death.

  5. Can I be covered for joint insurance?
    No, the coverage is only applicable to the principal Cardholder.

  6. Do I have to provide medicals to be eligible for Creditor Life insurance?
    No. Medical evidence is not required for this insurance.

  7. How do I pay my premium?
    The premium will be charged directly to your Cave Shepherd Visa Credit Card account each month, once you have an outstanding balance at the end of the previous month.

  8. When does my coverage terminate?
    Coverage terminates at age 70.

  9. What happens if I repay my outstanding balance and two (2) months later I incur a balance? Do I have to reapply for coverage?
    No, you will not be required to reapply and you will only be charged a premium if you incur a balance on your account.