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Board of Directors

The Board of Cave Shepherd & Co. Limited approved the Board Mandate which serves to provide guidance to Board Members as to their duties and responsibilities.  The power and authority of the Board is subject to the provisions of applicable law and regulations.

Members of the Board of Directors:

Sir R. Geoffrey Cave, K.A., C.B.E., B.C.H., Hon. L.L.D., UWI, Chairman
Mr. John M. B. Williams, FCA, Chief Executive Officer
Professor V. Eudine Barriteau, GCM, Independent Director
Mr. Roger M. Cave, CA, CFA , Executive Director
Mrs. Maureen D. Davis, Executive Director
Mr. Robert M. Harvey-Read , Non-Executive Director
Mr. Lyden J. Ramdhanny, Independent Director
Mr. Richard G. Simpson, Executive Director
Mr. Edward J. L. Ince, Non-Executive Director
Mr. Adrian H. Padmore, Non-Executive Director