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Over the past century, Cave Shepherd & Co Limited has diversified its business from a traditional department store into new sectors and one of those has been the financial services industry.  

Besides the Card Services unit, which is a wholly owned business and managed in-house, other companies in financial services with Cave Shepherd involvement include Fortress Fund Managers, SigniaGlobe Financial Group Inc. and the DGM Financial Group of Companies.

Card Services

DGM Financial Group of Companies

Cave Shepherd acquired 72.7% of the international business company DGM Financial Group in 2008

DGM is licensed under Barbados International Financial Legislation and has been providing comprehensive global financial services to individuals, trusts, corporate and captive clients around the world since 1996. 

These services include:

  • Trust and Corporate Services
  • Management services for Captive Insurance, Exempt Insurance and International Business Companies
  • Family Office Management
  • License applications for International Banks and Insurance Companies
  • Immigration Applications including Special Entry Permits

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Fortress Fund Managers

Fortress was established in 1996 by a partnership with Barbados Shipping & Trading Limited and the Nation Corporation.  

  • Cave Shepherd Co. Limited   75%
  • Nation Corporation
  • Island Securities Ltd

Fortress offers a range of funds and investment products to all levels of investors.  

  • Fortress Caribbean Growth Fund, investing mainly in equities in the Caribbean region.
  • Fortress Caribbean Property Fund Limited investing mainly in real estate and structured as a closed-end fund. 
  • Fortress Caribbean High Interest Fund investing mainly in fixed income instruments. 
  • Fortress Caribbean Pension Fund Limited was created to offer defined contribution pension plans a more effective way of managing plan assets. 
  • Fortress Global Value Fund is a US Dollar fund is domiciled in the British Virgin Islands. It offers the opportunity to invest internationally with low management fees, unique value investment strategy and philosophy and professional management. 
  • Fortress Personal Retirement Plan is a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) that was introduced in December 2007, through Fortress Insurance Company Ltd.

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SigniaGlobe Financial Group Inc.

Signia was launched in 2003, by a partnership with United Insurance Co. Limited and Grace Kennedy & Co Limited:

  • Cave Shepherd & Co. Limited     40%
  • United Insurance Co. Limited    20%
  • Grace Kennedy & Co. Ltd     40%

Signia's services include:

  • Personal Finance – Loans, Deposits, RRSPs
  • Commercial Finance – Business Financing, Lease Financing, Corporate Deposits, Foreign Exchange Trading
  • Investing – Stock Brokerage, Mutual Funds, Market Research

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